Course curriculum

    1. Smart Moms Mission Statement

    2. A Message of Encouragement

    3. What is The Fluid Career Model and Why It Will Work For You

    4. How to Edit Your Assignment .pdf Documents

    1. Chart Your Career Path

    2. Self Reflection Assignment

    3. Career Analysis

    4. Career Analysis Assignment

    5. Next Steps

    6. Chapter 1: Quiz - 4 questions

    1. Fitting In & Standing Out

    2. Job Quality Comparison and Value of Hard Skills

    3. Attract Quality Jobs

    4. Job Search Assignment

    5. Conduct 7 Informational Interviews Assignment

    6. Pathway to the Vision

    7. Pathway to the Vision Assignment

    1. The Proof

    2. Your Support Board

    3. Wings to Fly

About this course

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  • 20 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Smart Moms' Impact...

“Garla is an exceptional person to work with. She helped me advance my career to the next level. From the initial meeting, she helped craft a plan based on what I wanted to achieve. She then made sure I covered every base to get there and finally to make sure I negotiated the best possible package for myself.”

Randon McCrea | Project Portfolio Manager

“On rare occasions, there are heartfelt people like Garla who connect with you to help you reflect and develop your own personal career story. She is very passionate about using her personal story, emotional intelligence, honesty, and tireless effort to help me identify my strengths and weaknesses through coaching.”

Marcus Wilkes | MSHA, MSQA, CQA, PMP

“However, there is absolutely no substitute for a quiet, thoughtful, objective professional who can be specific about your personal improvement. Garla's observations and suggestions gave me just the right boost to move me to the next step in my career. ”

Roberta Mahatha | Lead ESL Instructor

“Her great knowledge as a Career Coach and research skills together with her willingness to go above and beyond of her duty description helped me to gain confidence and go back until I found what i was looking for. She has great personality together with great communication and listening skills.”

Yagut Aliyeva } Educator

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