Course curriculum

    1. Smart Moms Mission Statement

    2. A Message of Encouragement

    3. What is The Fluid Career Model and Why It Will Work For You

    4. How to Edit Your Assignment .pdf Documents

    1. Chart Your Career Path

    2. Self Reflection Assignment

    3. Career Analysis

    4. Career Analysis Assignment

    5. Next Steps

    6. Chapter 1: Quiz - 4 questions

    1. Fitting In & Standing Out

    2. Job Quality Comparison and Value of Hard Skills

    3. Attract Quality Jobs

    4. Job Search Assignment

    5. Conduct 7 Informational Interviews Assignment

    6. Pathway to the Vision

    7. Pathway to the Vision Assignment

    1. The Proof

    2. Your Support Board

    3. Wings to Fly

About this course

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  • 20 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Why Smart Moms?

“Garla is an extremely personable and well trained presenter who delivers expert content”

Mary Williams-Stover |Policy Manager, Equity Centered Policy

“Garla assisted me with identifying international opportunities, my international strengths, communicating my goals with leadership and importantly patience to wait for the right opportunity.”

Tiffini Smith | Cyber Protection Global Legal Lead

“She has helped me to realize what I really want out of a career, and has helped equip me with the tools necessary to obtain each of those things. I highly recommend Garla's services to anyone looking to transform their professional life and greatly appreciate all she has done to help prepare me for the next level.”

Mariah Murrell | VP of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

“After group coaching, I am feeling optimistic about my future, trusting that following Garla's guidance and using the tools she provided, I will land the right role for me. I cannot overstate how my confidence has increased since working with Garla. I started this process feeling very behind the curve. But with Garla's help. I see all that I have to offer and I am confident the right opportunity for me is out there.”

RoShawn Dilodovico | Deposit Operations and Cash Management Specialist

“Due to her deep knowledge of the market, Garla provided me a tailor made service that appealed to my individual needs and career goal interests. She is a thoughtful and active listener who also possesses the capacity to nudge you "gently" outside of your comfort zone so that you can show up as your best self! I am so appreciative of what I learned and gained throughout my time working with Garla as it has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and insight that I will carry with me forever!”

Erin Berry-McCrea, PhD Principal | Digital Equity | Qualitative Research | Professor

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